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Set along the shores of Lake Michigan in a unique setting, Long Beach boasts its small town charm and access to the lake. Long Beach was originally established in the 1920's when it was predominately a summer getaway. With close proximity to Chicago, Michigan's Harbor Country and all that Indiana has to offer, Long Beach is a great community to raise a family, enjoy the seasons or just visit. Welcome.

CLERK-TREASURER HOURS: M-F, 8:30a-3p (Excluding Holidays)

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Recycling service is managed and provided by LaPorte County Solid Waste. If they miss a pick-up, or for any recycling issues, please call them at 1-800-483-7700 to resolve the issue. 2017 Long Beach Recycling Dates.pdf
Chapter 150 Building Code Amendments in State Format



Proposed Changes to Existing Sign Ordinance
Proposed changes to the existing sign ordinance have been made. They will be discussed at the March Town Council meeting. A current version can be found here: SIGN ORDINANCE REVISION 3-8-2017 .pdf

Delinquent Water Bill Changes
The shutoff policy for delinquent water bills has changed. You will be placed on the delinquent list after 30 days behind. If that occurs and you receive a letter, your current bill amount and your arrears will need to be paid. Questions, please call 219-879-9353.

Spring Leave Pickup - Mark Your Calendar
The Town’s Spring Leaf pickup is slated for Apri 24-28, 2017. Future details and reminders to come.

Updated 30 Day Rental Ordinance Changes
Amendments to the existing 30 Day Rental Ordinance, which prohibits rentals less than 30 days, have been proposed (Updated 30 Day Rental Ordinace - DRAFT 2.20.17.pdf). The proposed changes provide additional clarity around enforcement and penalties. The revisions have been a topic of discussion at the last several APC meetings. Public comments were made at a hearing on February 20 and the APC provided a favorable recommendation to the Town Council, where it will be considered at the March Town Council meeting.

Proposed Ordinance Revisions - Garbage Toters and Bins as of 3.6.17
All of us want Long Beach to look its best. The existing ordinance says that residents must not place their garbage/recycling bins curbside sooner than the evening before they're picked up, and they must pull them back by sundown of the day they're picked up. The visibility of garbage bins continues to be one of the top concerns raised by residents. The APC and Town Council are seeking your input in helping to adhere to this Town rule in a way that is fair to all. A revised draft of the existing ordinance can be found here (Revised toter draft 3-6-2017.pdf). Feedback can be submitted by attending a future APC meeting in-person or by emailing towncouncil@longbeachin.org.

Frozen Water Meter and Lines Policy
For tips on protecting your water lines against cold temperatures, what to do if you experience a frozen meter/lines, and the Town's policy, click the following link:
Frozen Meters and Water Lines Policy.pdf

Public Hearing on March 20, 2017 for Proposed Ordinance Revisions - Non-Conforming Structures
A public hearing/request for comments has been set for March 20, 2017 at 7 p.m. CST in Town Hall regarding proposed changes to the existing ordinance dealing with non-conforming structures. Today's ordinances prohibit you from making a structure/lot more non-conforming. But, they also prevent residents from making modifications to non-conforming structures - in some cases, resulting in reducing the level of being non-compliant. A proposal to modify the existing ordinance can be found here (Amendments to Nonconforming Uses and Structures Ordinace 154.125-154 Draft 2.1.17v2.pdf). Questions can be emailed to towncouncil@longbeachin.org.

Stop 24 and Town Entry Improvement Design
Stu Franzen, of Planned Environmental Associates, was commissioned to produce a concept/design for Stop 24 as well as new entries to the Town at Karwick and Moore Road. A link to the plan can be found here - Long Beach Entry Sign and Stop 24 Improvement Design Concept - 10.21.16.pdf
Other recent work by Stu can be seen in Michigan City, Portage Lakefront, Friendship Botanic Gardens and more. For comments on the plan, or questions regarding the latest progress, please contact Nick Meyer at meyernick@hotmail.com

Public Hearing on March 20, 2017 for Proposed Ordinance Revisions - View Protection Standards
A public hearing/request for comments have been set for March 20, 207 at 7 p.m. CST in Town Hall regarding changes proposed to the existing View Protection Standards ordinance dealing with situations that occur when multiple lots are joined. A revised draft can be found here (Amendments to View Protection Ordinance Draft 2.16.17.pdf). The associated changes in the appendix table can be found here (DRAFT 2-1-2016 APPENDIX A ZONING DISTRICT REGULATIONS 6-1-2016 .pdf). Feedback can be submitted by attending a future APC meeting in-person or by emailing towncouncil@longbeachin.org.

Proposed Ordinance Revisions - Continuous Seawalls
Amendments have been proposed reading the existing ordinance that deals with seawall construction. This will be an item of discussion at upcoming APC meetings. The current version of the amended ordinance can be found here: continuous seawall ord. 2-16-2017.pdf

If you have an idea for improvement or want to see something specific posted, email towncouncil@longbeachin.org

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