Council Minutes and Agenda

Town Council Meetings: 2nd Monday of every month at 7 pm (Town Hall)
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Town Council Agenda 2.12.18.pdf
Town Council Agenda 1-8-18.pdf



Town Council Minutes Executive Meeting 12-19-17.pdf
Town Council Minutes Special Meeting 12-19-17.pdf
Town Council Minutes 12-14-18.pdf
Town Council Special Meeting Minutes 12-04-2017.pdf
Town Council Minutes 11-9-2017.pdf
Town Council Minutes 10-12-17.pdf
Town Council Minutes 9-14-2017 Amended.pdf
Town Council Minutes 8-10-17.pdf
Town Council Minutes 7-10-17.pdf
Town Council Special Meeting Minutes 6-19-17.pdf
Town Council Minutes 6-12-17.pdf
Town Council Minutes 5-8-17.pdf
Town Council Minutes Special Meeting 4-25-17.pdf
Town Council Minutes Special Meeting 4-24-17.pdf
Town Council Minutes 4-10-17.pdf
Town Council Minutes 3-13-2017.pdf
Town Council Executive Session Minutes 2-27-17.pdf
Town Council Minutes 2-13-2017.pdf
Town Council Minutes 1-9-17.pdf

Town Council Minutes 12-12-16.pdf
Town Council Minutes 11-14-16.pdf
Budget Adoption Hearing Council Meeting 10-24-16.pdf
Town Council Minutes 10-10-16.pdf
Budget Hearing Town Council Minutes 9-26-16.pdf
Town Council Minutes Special Meeting 9-19-16.pdf
Town Council Minutes 9-12-2016.pdf
Town Council Minutes 8-08-2016.pdf
Town Council Minutes 7-11-2016.pdf
Town Council Special Meeting Minutes 6-17-16.pdf
Town Council Minutes 6-13-2016.pdf
Town Council Minutes 5-9-2016.pdf
Council Minutes 4-11-2016.pdf
Special Council Meeting 3-21-16.pdf
Council Minutes 3-14-2016.pdf
Town Hall Recap 2-20-2016.pdf
Town Council Minutes 2-08-2016.pdf
Minutes 1-11-2016.pdf
Minutes 1-2-16.pdf

Minutes 12-29-15.pdf
Minutes 12-14-15.pdf
Minutes 10-12-15.pdf
Special Town Council Meeting Minutes -Water Board- 9-28-15.pdf
Minutes 9-14-15.pdf
Special Meeting Minutes 8-21-15.pdf
Minutes 8-10-15.pdf
Minutes 7-13-15.pdf
Minutes 6-8-15.pdf
Ordinance Workshop - Council - May 27, 2015.pdf
Special Meeting 05-18-2015.pdf
Minutes 5-11-15.pdf
Minutes 4-13-15.pdf
Minutes 3-09-15 (Edited).pdf
Minutes 2-09-15.pdf
Minutes 1-12-15.pdf

Minutes 12-08-14.pdf
Minutes 11-10-14.pdf
2015 Budget Adoption 10-27-14.pdf
2015 Budget Hearing 10-14-14.pdf
Minutes 10-13-14.pdf
Special Meeting 10-1-2014.pdf
Executive Meeting 10-01-14.pdf
Minutes 9-08-14.pdf
Minutes 8-11-14.pdf
Minutes 7-11-14.pdf
Minutes 6-9-14.pdf
Minutes 5-12-14.pdf
Minutes 4-14-14.pdf
Minutes 3-10-14.pdf
Minutes 2-10-14.pdf
Minutes 1-13-14.pdf

Minutes 12-09-13.pdf
Minutes 11-11-13.pdf
Minutes 10-14-13.pdf
Minutes 09-09-13.pdf
2014 BUDGET ADOPTION Minutes 10-7-13.pdf
Minutes 08-12-13.pdf
Minutes 07-09-13.pdf
Minutes 06-10-13.pdf
Minutes 05-13-13.pdf
Minutes 04-08-13.pdf
Minutes 03-11-13.pdf
Minutes 02-11-13.pdf
Minutes 01-14-13.pdf

Minutes December 10, 2012.pdf
Minute--Special Insurance Meeting 12-5-2012.pdf
Minutes November 12, 2012.pdf
Minutes Oct. 8, 2012.pdf
Budget Hearing Sept. 24, 2012 Minutes.pdf
September 10, 2012 Minutes.pdf
August 13, 2012 Minutes.pdf
July 9, 2012 Minutes.pdf
June 11, 2012 Minutes .pdf
Council Executive Meeting May 29, 2012.pdf
May 14,2012 Minutes.pdf
April 20,2012 Minutes.pdf
April 9, 2012 Minutes.pdf
March 12, 2012 Minutes .pdf
Feb 13, 2012 Minutes.pdf
Jan 9, 2012 Minutes.pdf

December 12, 2011 Minutes.pdf
November 14, 2011 Minutes.pdf
October 10, 2011 Minutes.pdf
September 12, 2011- Minutes.pdf
August 8, 2011 Minutes.pdf
July 11, 2011 Minutes.pdf
June 13, 2011 Minutes.pdf
May 9, 2011 Minutes.pdf
April 11, 2011 Minutes.pdf
March 14, 2011 Minutes.pdf
February 14, 2011 minutes.pdf
January 10, 2011 minutes.pdfTown Council Minutes 3-13-2017.pdf