Advisory Plan Commission

Peter Byvoets
Erin Connelly
Mike Gorman
Richard Jercich
Bob Lemay -- Chairperson
Nick Meyer
Doug Wickstrom

The Advisory Plan Commission Meetings: 3rd Monday of every month at 7pm (Town Hall)

Proposed Shoreline Protection Ordinance
The Advisory Plan Commission is discussing an shoreline protection ordinance. It is still in the comment and discussion phase and has not yet been considered for a formal public hearing. Comments can be sent to The current draft is available here: Shoreline Protection Ordinance - Lake Michigan Overlay Zoning District - Updated Draft 10-10-17.pdf

Proposed Ordinance Revisions
All of us want Long Beach to look its best. The existing ordinance says that residents must not place their garbage/recycling bins curbside sooner than the evening before they're picked up, and they must pull them back by sundown of the day they're picked up. The visibility of garbage bins continues to be one of the top concerns raised by residents. The APC and Town Council are seeking your input in helping to adhere to this Town rule in a way that is fair to all. A revised draft of the ordinace will be posted shortly.

Stop 24 and Town Entry Improvement Design
Stu Franzen, of Planned Environmental Associates, was commissioned to produce a concept/design for Stop 24 as well as new entries to the Town at Karwick and Moore Road. A link to the plan can be found here - Long Beach Entry Sign and Stop 24 Improvement Design Concept - 10.21.16.pdf
Other recent work by Stu can be seen in Michigan City, Portage Lakefront, Friendship Botanic Gardens and more. For comments on the plan, or questions regarding the latest progress, please contact Nick Meyer at

Proposed Changes to Existing Sign Ordinance
Proposed changes to the existing sign ordinance have been made. They will be discussed at future APC meetings. A current version can be found here: SIGN ORDINANCE REVISION 3-8-2017 .pdf

Proposed Changes to Parking Ordinance
Proposed changes to the existing parking have been made. They will be discussed at future APC meetings. A current version can be found here: Revisions to Parking Ordinance 2-13-17.pdf

APC Agenda 10-16-17.pdf
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