Advisory Plan Commission

Peter Byvoets
Erin Connelly
Mike Gorman
Richard Jercich
Bob Lemay -- Chairperson
Nick Meyer
Doug Wickstrom

The Advisory Plan Commission Meetings: 3rd Monday of every month at 7pm (Town Hall)

The Advisory Plan Commission is continuing to discuss the development of a shoreline protection ordinance. It is still in the draft stages among the Commission and input from engineering and legal subject matter experts is being reviewed. It is the intent of the Commission to publish a draft ordinance that will be made available to the public for comment and input prior to any public hearings.

As part of a long-term community improvement plan, demolition of the pump house structure was issued for public bid and an experienced and reputable contractor was selected. Demolition work was originally anticipated to begin before the end of 2017, but is now slated for early 2018. Meanwhile, the Town conducted Open House sessions, presented at multiple Town Council meetings, distributed email and other correspondence to solicit feedback on the construction for the new site. Plans have been submitted for a $100,000 matching grant, providing by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources' Coastal Grant which is funded by NOAA. The Town's preliminary plan was reviewed by the local grant committee and selected to move to the final review process. The final plan that was submitted can be found below, along with the other previous project materials.

Please send any questions regarding this project to Councilman Nick Meyer at or call 219.313.0000 (cell).

Final Grant Submission for Stop 24 Improvement: Final Grant Submission for Stop 24 Improvement Project.pdf

Links to two previous conceptual plans can be found here:

Documents pertaining to the environmental assessment that was conducted at the site as well as the specifications for the demolition of the Pump House structure may be found here:

Earlier this year, the Long Beach Civic Association agreed to fund a new Town Entry Sign, which will be located along Karwick Rd., on the East Side, in front of the new Country Club Fence, just past the Hacienda entrance. Designer Stu Franzen came up with the original concept, which has been modified and Landmark Sign Group has been engaged as well. A draft design of the latest version can be found here: Long Beach Entry Sign 10-16-2017.pdf

Proposed Changes to Existing Sign Ordinance
Proposed changes to the existing sign ordinance have been made. They will be discussed at future APC meetings. A current version can be found here: SIGN ORDINANCE REVISION 3-8-2017 .pdf

Proposed Changes to Parking Ordinance
Proposed changes to the existing parking have been made. They will be discussed at future APC meetings. A current version can be found here: Revisions to Parking Ordinance 2-13-17.pdf

APC Agenda 2-19-18.pdf


APC Minutes 1-15-18.pdf

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Minutes special APC 1-9-2016.pdf

2015 and Before
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