James Kautz

Chief Marshal James R. Kautz

Chief Marshal James R Kautz was born in Elkton, South Dakota on September 28, 1942. Jim graduated from Mill Creek, IN high school in 1960. After that he served two tours of duty in Vietnam for which he was awarded three bronze stars. He joined the Long Beach Police Department on August 6, 1977. On December 16, 1977 he graduated from the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy. On August 9, 1982 he was appointed as Chief Marshal of the Long Beach Police Department. He was a member of the F.O.P. Dunes Lodge #75.

On November 4, 1997 just prior to the end of his shift at 6:00 pm, Jim was assisting the Michigan City Police Department at the scene of an accident on US Hwy 12 near St Rd 212. Tragically, Jim was struck by a vehicle that was passing through the accident scene and received numerous injuries. He was initially transported to St Anthony's hospital in Michigan City then later taken to Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn, IL. Jim survived numerous operations to remove his legs and some internal organs, but eventually succumbed to his injuries on December 4, 1997.

Jim was truly a man and officer that any person should be proud to emulate. He was a dear friend who is still missed.

Ephriam Reid

Chief Marshal Ephriam V. Reid

Chief Marshal Ephriam V Reid was born in Chicago in June of 1880. He was appointed as the Town's first Marshal in 1924 and served until his death in 1933.

On Friday September 15, 1933 at 3:15 am Marshal Reid was killed following a traffic accident on U.S. Hwy 12. Witnesses stated that he may have been pursuing a speeding vehicle when he lost control of his car and struck a truck head-on. He was killed instantly.

Earle Platt

Chief Marshal Earle M. Platt

Chief Marshal Earle M Platt was born in Gore Bay, Ontario, Canada in April of 1899. He was a Canadian veteran of WWI and a charter member of Dunes Lodge #75 of the Fraternal Order of Police.

On October 25, 1956 Marshal Platt was assisting the Long Beach Fire Department at a fire scene when he inhaled smoke and became ill. He was taken back to his apartment, which at that time was located in the Town hall. At 8:00 pm that day he died of a heart attack.


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