Long Beach Shoreline Updates and Safety Info

The high lake levels, recent winds and wave action continues to degrade the shoreline, creating dangerous situations – particularly between Stops 21 and 23.

At this time, five homes near Stop 22 and 23 have experienced failing seawalls and erosion. Lakeshore Drive near Stop 23 is further at risk, and the erosion at Stop 21 has created a hazardous cliff/drop off. Building material from some homes has gone into the lake. One home has been determined to be condemned.

The Building Commissioner, with support from additional outside experts, members of the Building Commission, Fire Department and other Town officials have been working to proactively address these issues ahead of this weekend’s storm event, and are continuing to respond to the evolving situation.

Previous Steps Taken by the Town:

  • Ongoing monitoring of shoreline impacts between Stops 13-31
  • Maintained open communication with impacted property owners; coordinated with those individuals to make emergency repairs
  • Installation of sand bags to protect Lakeshore Drive
  • Emergency Declaration made by Town, joining other neighboring shoreline communities; sent to Governor by local legislators to access federal emergency money for support if approved
  • Coordination with NIPSCO and Water Department to retire utilities at impacted homes as necessary

Next Steps:

  • Monday 1/13 there will be test piling driven between 2116 & 2120 Lakeshore Drive.  This will necessitate one lane closer of Lakeshore Drive for at least Monday and possibly Tuesday just west of Chastleton Drive.
  • Tuesday 1/14 the Town will be setting temporary highway crash wall/concrete barriers on the shore and resetting the sandbags on the beach at the public access area of Stop 23.  The work is being done to protect the undermining and failure of Lakeshore Drive. A large crane will be used to set the material and it will require the closure/detour of Lakeshore Drive all day Tuesday and possibly for a period on Wednesday.  Barricades will be set to warn and re-route the public.
  • The Fire Department and Police Department will continue to focus on public safety.

Important Safety Reminders:

  • While the situation has garnered the interest of many people wanting to see the issues in-person, the Town urges residents and the public to stay clear of the area
  • Do not attempt to traverse down the public beach access/stops in these areas, and do not attempt to access the shoreline behind the homes

Updates will be provided as warranted.

Town of Long Beach