Notice to Long Beach property owners planning to rent their residence

Notice to Long Beach Property owners planning to rent their residence:  

As you may know, renting your home for less than 30 days is prohibited in the Town of Long Beach. To ensure compliance with this requirement, the Town has contracted with a company called Granicus to assist us with research, data collection, and enforcement of this ordinance. Property owners are reminded that violations of this ordinance will result in substantial fines and may lead to additional actions by the Town, including, but not limited to, the initiation of legal proceedings to seek injunctive relief and recovery of costs of enforcement as well as reporting violations to the appropriate governmental bodies for review of compliance with innkeeper’s, real estate, and income tax obligations.  If you are or plan to rent your property for less than 30 days, please don’t. Questions related to the ordinance or neighbors wishing to report suspected short-term rentals at a nearby property are encouraged to contact the police department at (219)874-4243 or email Chief Mark Swistek at [email protected].                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Robert LeMay, Long Beach Town Council President              

Mark Swistek, Long Beach Police Chief