Ordinance Revisions

Draft Garbage Toter Ordinance Revisions:

Public comments are being accepted at the May 20 Advisory Plan Commission meeting regarding proposed changes to the existing garbage toter ordinance. The changes are being made to help ensure public safety (i.e. leaving garbage toters/cans at the street throughout the week signals to potential criminal activity that no one is home) and to improve overall aesthetics within the Town. They seek to ease the deadline for pulling in the toters as well as a more reasonable fining structure. This will include the Monday Republic garbage, Wednesday (Hidden Shores) Michigan City garbage and the every other Tuesday Republic recycling pick-ups.The Clerk’s office has the name of one individual who has indicated an interest in providing a paid service for either carrying out bins, taking them back in or both. If anyone wishes to offer their services to residents, please call Deanna Carlson or Bill DeFuniak at 219-874-6616.

Current revised draft of ordinance.

Draft Revisions to Parking Ordinance:

The current revised draft of the ordinance.

Draft Revisions to Sign Ordiance:

The current revised draft of the ordinance.