Water Bill Information

Changes in your Water Bill:

In an effort to align the financial reports for the Water Department and the Town, among other benefits, the monthly water bills for all residents will be changing to reflect a calendar month bill rather than different cycles that cross between months. Beginning this month (July), bills will be mailed on the last day of the month with a due date of the 30th of the next month. During this transition, your bill due in August will appear slightly higher because it will reflect more than 30 days of usage. You will not be charged for more than what you use and your bill due in September will return to a typical bill amount.

Contact Angela at the Long Beach Water Department with any questions at 219-879-9353.

Keep your Water Bill info current:

All Water Customers who are on Auto Pay Please make sure we have correct Billing Address and Phone Number. A Customer List is provided to the Police Department for after hours Emergencies. If you have moved or changed your phone number, please call or send new information updates to the Water Department (located in Town Hall).